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Pedagogical tools in Face-it

Behind the Family Wheel in Face-it

Here you can read more about the development and use of the Family Wheel.

The family wheel has previously been used for vulnerable pregnant women and has been further developed and adapted to the needs of the target group through co-creative processes involving both project health nurses and families in the Face-it project.

The Family Wheel is an interactive dialogue tool that health visitors in the Face-it project use together with the families to discuss gestational diabetes and healthy habits in the family. The overall purpose with the Family Wheel is to support motivation and actions in relation to healthy habits based on the family’s resources and need for support.

The Family Wheel consists of five themes:

  1. Gestational diabetes

  2. Daily routines

  3. Food and meals

  4. Physical activity

  5. Family, friends, and network

Hear about the development and the use of the Face-it Family Wheel

Behind the Liva App in Face-it

Here you can read more about the development and use of the Liva App.

Liva App is a mobile application helping the users to maintain or improve their well-being and health behavior. The app offers the users the opportunity for setting personal goals based on their needs and resources, receive personal health coaching, watch their own improvement, and receive feedback. The direct communication with the health coaches gives the users personal guidance, which might increase the motivation to and possibility of reaching their goals.

In a close collaboration between Liva Healthcare A/S and the researchers behind the Face-it project, the original Liva App was customized to meet the specific needs of new parents. In the Face-it project, all Liva coaches have a healthcare background as well as previous experience in guiding families and/or individuals in behavior change, and they are employed and trained by the Face-it project.


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